1.1 The name of the Federation shall be known as "The International Billiards and Snooker

Federation", or "IBSF" in abbreviation, or as hereinafter referred to as "the Federation"


2.1 The aims and objects of the Federation is to promote and develop the sport of "billiards and

snooker", hereafter the "Games" and to do all other necessary things connected therewith. As a world governing body, it shall determine its own championship conditions, format, dates and venues; to promote and foster the sport with any other bodies with similar aims and objects; and to collate such relevant information thereof for publication and dissemination.


3.1 "AGM" means an Annual General Meeting of the Federation attended by its Member

Countries; it shall be held once a year at a time and place coinciding, wherever possible, with its annual championship.

3.2 "Board of Management", hereinafter referred to as "the Board", is the governing authority of the Federation, duly constituted pursuant to Article 11 herein.

3.3 "By-laws" means the enabling rules, procedures and regulations so enacted from time to time by the Board, made pursuant to Article 16 herein.

3.4 "Games" means the games of "Snooker" and "English Billiards" or any other game(s) played on a standard snooker table so defined by the Federation.

3.5 "Member Country" means a National Sport Association (NSA), who is an IBSF Member Country affiliated to a designated Regional Federation of the IBSF.

3.6 "National Sport Association" (NSA) shall mean the national governing body of the Games so recognised by its own country by the authority of its National Olympic Committee (NOC) and/or National Sports Council (NSC) or agency as the only "NSA" controlling the said Game(s).

3.7 "Original Member" is a "Member Country" or a "NSA" who, at the time of coming into effect this Constitution, is an existing Member Country of the IBSF.

3.8 "Affiliated Member" is an association or organisation for the Games having yet to achieve the status of "NSA" or a "Member Country" so defined under Article 3.5 herein, or one who was a "Member Country" prior to the year 2000 but is currently opting to convert same to "Affiliate Member" status of the IBSF.

3.9 "Honorary Member" is a business or trade concern for the Games who is currently a subscribing Member of the IBSF but is without any voting rights attached thereto.

3.10 "Life Member" is a distinguished personality or organisation bestowed thereupon by the AGM on the recommendation of the Board, who, in the latter’s opinion, has contributed immensely towards the welfare and betterment for the Games and/or the IBSF.

3.11 "Region" shall mean a geographical Region currently defined by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

3.12 "Regional Federation" shall be a regional body defined by the IOC, that regulates the Games and is currently affiliated to the IBSF, whose accredited representatives are a member of the Board hereof.

3.13 "Year" is defined as the operating period commencing from the end of an AGM till the date of the next AGM; or within any such other periods as may be so determined by the Board and approved by the AGM for due application.

3.14 "Executive Officers", shall mean the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer elected at an AGM biennially.

3.15 "Auditors" shall mean the "external auditor" so nominated and approved by the AGM, for the purpose of auditing the accounts of the Federation so prepared by Secretary/Treasurer, prior to their presentation at the AGM.

3.16 "Scrutiners" shall mean delegates appointed at an AGM/EGM, preferably representing the respective Regional Federations, for the purpose of conducting an election made pursuant to Article 5.1.1.


4.1 No Member Country shall be granted affiliation of IBSF membership or renewal thereof, unless

its adopted constitution and/or rules and regulations are in general conformity with the aims and objects of the Federation.

4.2 For all intents and purposes, the Federation shall be the sole judge of its rights to accept all categories of its membership.

4.3 An individual or organisation can be elected a "Life Member" of the IBSF in due recognition for outstanding services contributed towards the Games and/or the Federation. A Life Member shall have the rights to attend an AGM/EGM and to speak thereat, but shall have no voting rights. No person shall be nominated/elected to Life Membership until a motion has been proposed and seconded, with the prior acceptance by the said nominee(s), and be duly circulated in advance and unanimously voted thereupon in favour at an AGM.

4.4 Member Countries who are, as at June 30 of each year, in arrears of their membership fees for two(2) or more years, shall be suspended thereof and thereafter shall not be allowed to participate in the IBSF World/U21 championships or its other sanctioned championships or its AGM. Their voting rights shall similarly be effectively suspended, until such debts owing to the IBSF and/or any other administrative charges payable, shall have been fully settled in advance.

4.5 Notwithstanding the aforesaid, any Member Country who is already a "Member Country" of the IBSF at the immediate date of coming into effect this Constitution, shall remain a "Member Country" hereof and shall enjoy all rights and privileges connected therewith, subject to the provisions of Article 4.4 and 4.6 herein.

4.6 All "Member Countries" who are not as yet the accredited "NSA" of their respective countries shall take necessary measures to ensure their ultimate conversion; all applicants for new "Member Country" membership after the year 2000 shall have to be the duly accredited "NSAs" by their respective countries, aside from being a member of a RF to which it belongs.

4.7 Pursuant to Article 4.6 herein, any "NSA" not in conformity thereto may apply to the IBSF for conversion of its existing Member Country status to an "Affiliated Member". Such an "Affiliated

Member" shall have no voting rights and shall not partake in the business of the IBSF, save for the purpose of participating in the IBSF World Championships or in any other such sanctioned championships thereof by payment of a prescribed fee. Notwithstanding this, the IBSF shall not grant an "Affiliated Member" status to another applicant whose country of origin is already an existing "Member Country" of the IBSF.

4.8 Under no circumstance shall there be more than one accredited "NSA" becoming a "Member Country" of the IBSF; if there be more than one (1) "NSA" competing for IBSF membership. The "NSA" so accredited by its own NOC/NSC or any such relevant governmental body(ies), shall take precedence and preference for recognition over the other member concerned.

4.9 For applicants outside the applicable provisions herein referred to in Articles 4.6 and 4.7, Article 4.2 shall be invoked by the AGM for due acceptance of IBSF membership, subject to compliance with the voting procedures hereinafter provided.

4.10 An applicant for IBSF Member Country shall have to obtain prior endorsement in writing from the Regional Federation to which it belongs, save those existing Member Countries who shall be excluded from this requirement by virtue of existing rights as classified under Article 4.5 herein.


5.1 There shall be two(2) main meetings convened by the Federation viz:

5.1.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and/or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM); and

5.1.2 Board of Management Meetings


5.2.1 The AGM shall be held each year as hereinbefore stipulated. At the AGM, the President of the Federation, or in his absence the Vice President, shall be the chairman of the said AGM. The agenda thereof so determined by the Board shall be circulated in advance to all Member Countries as hereinafter provided under Article 5.2.5.

5.2.2 Member Countries attending the said AGM shall decide the due admission of guests and/or observers when presented thereat; each admission, however, shall be decided thereupon based on merits. Observers shall take no part in the meeting proceedings; guests, however, are allowed to speak, if so invited, for the expressed interest of the topic in reference but are not allowed to vote. Similarly, Life Members are entitled to attend and speak at an AGM/EGM but shall carry no voting rights.

5.2.3 Urgent matters (excluding Constitution amendments) may be resolved by postal votes. The proposer and/or seconder of the said motion(s) need to send the same to reach the Secretary at least ten (10) weeks before the said motion(s) is to be decided. Upon receipt, the Secretary shall give eight (8) weeks’ notice to each Member Country to respond and vote. Valid dates applicable shall be taken as of the date of posting (so stamped on postal envelopes or the date of faxing, whichever is applicable). No reply received thereto from a Member Country or a Board Member by the stipulated closing deadline, shall constitute an abstention vote. The said motion shall be decided thereupon by a simple majority of votes so received within the four(4) weeks prescribed, with the recorded result be circulated thereafter by the Secretary to Member Countries, within forty-eight(48) hours thereof.

5.2.4 Twelve(12) weeks prior to the date scheduled for an AGM, the Secretary shall notify in writing to all Member Countries of the said date and invite therefrom the submission, if any, of motion(s) to be decided thereat, including, if applicable, any nominee(s) standing for elections.

5.2.5 Eight (8) weeks prior to the date fixed for the said AGM, the Secretary shall issue a Notice thereof, setting out the date, venue, time and the business agenda to be transacted thereat. If applicable, the Secretary shall do likewise for all pre and post AGM Board meetings and any other Board meetings properly convened for the purpose.

5.3 Board of Management Meetings

5.3.1 The President of the Federation, or in his absence the Vice President, shall be the chairman of all Board Meetings. In the absence of both, a chairman elected from the floor shall preside the said meeting

5.3.2 The Board shall meet as often as is practical but preferably twice a year with one meeting coinciding with the AGM and, wherever possible; the second meeting is to coincide with a major championship/function of a Regional Federation or with any other such major events that the Board deems fit and proper. Whenever possible, a pre and post AGM Board Meeting shall be convened in connection therewith.


6.1 AGM

6.1.1 Each Member Country in benefit, represented by its accredited delegate in advance attending the said AGM, shall be entitled to one (1) vote. A member of the Board shall likewise be entitled to one (1) vote, if he/she is the sole accredited delegate attending the same on behalf of his/her Member Country. The chairman of the AGM shall have a casting vote, in the event of a tie. Quorum for the said AGM shall be at least one-third of the total Member Countries on the registered roll.

6.1.2 In the absence of the required quorum, the AGM shall only be proceeded therewith by special majority request from the floor, but no decision thereof shall be validly taken on any matter so discussed. Any voting requiring the decision in the election of office-bearers or in the proposed amendments of the Constitution or in any proposed disciplinary actions shall be by secret ballots as per Article 5.2 herein. Other voting shall be by a simple majority by the show of hands, unless it is decided otherwise by the majority present thereat.

6.2 Prior to any voting, the Secretary shall declare to the AGM, the Member Countries concerned

who are not eligible to vote for reasons pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution. The AGM shall appoint thereat four (4) scrutiners from the floor, representing preferably the four (4) Regional Federations, to determine the validity of proxy votes, to count, record and announce the results thereof.

6.3 A two-thirds majority of votes at an AGM is required to effect any proposed amendment to the Constitution.

6.4 All other decisions save that stipulated at Article 6.1.2 shall be by a simple majority of votes by a show of hands, or as otherwise decided thereupon by the AGM.

6.5 Proxy voting shall be allowed. A proxy vote shall be delivered by hand or by post to the Secretary in a sealed envelope at least two (2) weeks prior to the AGM, advising the manner in

which each item on the agenda requiring voting shall be voted thereupon by the Member Countries concerned. The sealed envelope shall have written thereon "Proxy" at the upper left-hand corner, and shall only be opened by the scrutiners at the said AGM for the required identification, counting and recording.

6.6 No proxies transmitted by fax shall be accepted, save the originals thereof shall have been duly delivered to the Secretary in the manner and by the time-frame prescribed. Late proxies shall be disqualified for due acceptance.

6.7 No proxy delegates are allowed under any circumstances; should the delegate concerned is present at the said AGM, his required voting thereat shall take precedence over his submitted proxy, which shall be declared null and void beforehand by the said scrutiners.

6.8 No proxy vote can be accepted unless the Member Country concerned duly complies with the aforesaid submission procedures and that it has not absented itself from attending consecutively previous AGMs and/or its players had not participated in the IBSF annual championships for three(3) consecutive years preceding.

6.9 In the event of a tie of votes recorded at an AGM, the chairman presiding the meeting shall have the casting vote.

6.10 For the EGM, all the aforesaid procedures as laid down for the AGM shall be equally applicable thereof.

6.11 Board of Management Meetings

6.11.1 The Board of Management shall consist of the elected Executive Officers and two (2) accredited representatives of each Regional Federation.

6.11.2 Each accredited representative of the Regional Federations, along with the President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer shall be entitled to one (1) vote, provided that the latter Executive Officers are also delegates representing their respective countries. The chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.

6.11.3 If only one (1) Regional Representative is present thereat, he shall have the additional voting rights exercised for and on behalf of his absentee representative. If both Regional Representatives are absent, they shall be entitled to cast their representative votes by proxy in the manner and procedures as hereinbefore described.


7.1 The Federation is already registered in the United Kingdom unless otherwise varied by the

AGM on the valid recommendation of the Board.

7.2 The business address of the IBSF shall coincide for the time being with the office of the elected Secretary or as otherwise varied by the Board, with ratification of the AGM.

7.3 The official language of the Federation shall be in English.


8.1 The Federation shall:

8.1.1 formulate competition format, rules and conditions to be followed by all its Member Countries, or as otherwise re-adjusted thereto, with prior approval of the Board;

8.1.2 conduct referee examinations and registration of referees through its Regional Federations and/or by its Referee Committee; and to award thereto IBSF colours to qualified referees; and

8.1.3 conduct coaching schemes and seminars for both players and coaches.


9.1 The Federation shall:

9.1.1 co-operate with other world bodies such as the WCBS, GAISF, IWGA and WPBSA (WSA) to promote the Games, and, if applicable, select representative team(s) to compete in the Olympics and other accredited multi-sport events;.

9.1.2 conduct tournaments, championships, exhibitions and sanction commercial promotions for the Games on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Board from time to time; and

9.1.3 encourage and assist in the formation of "NSA"s and Regional Federations, and, where applicable, help in the settlement of disputes, if so arisen.


10.1 The Federation shall :

10.1.1 advise the governments and sport authorities worldwide on any matter relating to the Games; and

10.1.2 gather, collate and disseminate information of the Games worldwide for publication in journals, newsletters, other sports publications and in the multi-electronic media, including its website.


11.1 The affairs of the Federation shall be governed by a Board of Management, hereinafter referred

to as "the Board", comprising two (2) Representatives so accredited by its Regional Federations, together with the President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer so elected at an AGM.

11.2 The term of office of every office-bearer shall be two (2) years from the AGM in which elections would be held. All retiring officers are eligible to stand for re-election, subject to due compliance with nomination and election procedures hereinbefore referred to. Any candidate standing for election, including his/her proposer and seconder, shall have to be in benefit by the Member Country he/she represents at the material time of nomination.

11.3 The general and specific affairs, including its daily running of the Federation as determined by the AGM shall be entrusted to and vested with the Board for their discharge thereof.

11.4 The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and issuing the minutes of each meeting, so approved by the chairman, to each Member of the Board and, where applicable, to Member Countries within eight (8) weeks thereof. He/she shall likewise be responsible for preparing and

sending out all notices, minutes and, as supplied by the Treasurer, statements of audited accounts, to Member Countries for the said AGM.

11.5 The Member Country appointed by the AGM to host the next World Championship shall be accredited the Vice President for the said Championship and be represented on the Board for that year; he shall have no voting rights.

11.6 Nominations for elective officers of the Federation shall be received in writing by the Secretary at least ten (10) weeks prior to the date of the AGM for which an election is scheduled. All nominations so received shall include an acceptance in writing by the said nominee so approved by his/her "NSA" and is being proposed and seconded by another Member Country, who shall be in benefit in membership subscriptions at the material time.

11.7 All nominations so received by the Secretary shall be circulated to all the Member Countries at least eight (8) weeks before the said AGM. Thereafter, any written objection thereto on any nominee and/or motion(s) shall be lodged with the Secretary within two (2) weeks thereof by the objecting Member Country(ies) concerned, to be accompanied with supporting reasons connected therewith. If there be any objection received to any matter contained therein, this shall be immediately referred to the AGM for a decision thereof.


12.1 Together with the office-bearers elected at the AGM, the Board shall comprise two(2)

Representatives from each of the following Regional Federations :

European Billiards & Snooker Association (EBSA);

Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports (ACBS);

African Billiards & Snooker Association (ABSF);

Oceanic Billiards & Snooker Federation (OBSF);

American Billiards & Snooker Federation (ABSF). (if finally constituted)

12.2 As of coming into operation this Constitution, the Regional Federation of the "American Regional Federation" has yet been formed for incorporation and inclusion herein.

12.3 The Board is empowered to co-opt additional members into the Board and/or any others for its sub-committees, where necessary, from amongst individuals recommended by its Regional Federations, provided always that such co-opted members shall have no voting rights.


13.1 All notices of motion shall be received by the Secretary at least ten (10) weeks prior to the date

of the scheduled AGM. Date of posting of same by the Member Countries concerned shall be in compliance with the manner and time-frame as hereinbefore stipulated.

13.2 Such a valid motion(s) so received by the Secretary is to be circulated to all Member Countries and Board Members at least eight (8) weeks prior to the date of the said AGM, and shall be carried, or otherwise, if voted thereupon, pursuant to Articles 5.4 (5.4 does not exist); 6.3 and 6.4, whichever is applicable.

13.3 Any amendment to a circulated motion, if so adopted at an AGM, shall be re-circulated to all absentee Member Countries and shall take effect thereof pursuant to Article 5.4 herein.


14.1 Annual membership subscription at a rate so decided by the AGM, and/or as subsequently amended in the by-laws, shall become payable by all Member Countries to the Federation, on January 1 and not later than June 30 of each year.

14.2 Any Member Country whose annual subscription is in arrears for two (2) or more years in succession, shall be suspended from IBSF membership thereof, provided that due notice in advance by registered or certified post or recorded delivery for such a default by the Country Member concerned shall have been issued thereto by the Treasurer. Defaulting Member Countries may, however, be subsequently reinstated on application, subject to due payment of such outstanding arrears and, if any, administrative charges incurred therefor.

14.3 All outgoing expenses of the Federation by the Treasurer shall be made pursuant to the prescribed guidelines of the Finance Committee.


15.1 The Treasurer and two (2) other persons so designated by the AGM shall open an account for

the Federation at a bank(s) so authorised by the Board and with the approval of the AGM. Cheques or any telegraphic transmissions for payments on IBSF account shall bear the signatures/authorization of both the Treasurer and one of the above designated Board Members, so decided by the said AGM and so recorded in the said minutes as a resolution thereof.

15.2 The Treasurer shall present copies of the audited statement of accounts of the Federation to each Member Country for the financial year from 1 July of the year to 30 June of the ensuing year, preferably eight (8) weeks prior to the date of the scheduled AGM. A current statement of accounts ending the month prior to the same AGM shall be presented by the Treasurer solely for the information of Member Countries.

15.3 At each Board meeting, the Treasurer shall table the Statement of Accounts of the Federation up to the period thirty (30) days before the date of the said meeting.

15.4 Auditing for the aforesaid Annual Accounts shall be carried out by an external auditor so recommended by the Treasurer and approved by the AGM. The current statement of accounts hereinbefore referred to, however, needs not be audited.

16.0 BY-LAWS

16.1 The Constitution empowers the Board to enact, from time to time, by-laws as are necessary for

the proper administration of the Federation. Amendments of By-laws shall take effect either by approval at the AGM or under Article 5.4 herein, by a simple majority of votes.


17.1 If, at any time, Member Countries agree by unanimous decision to wind up the Federation, the

nett assets thereof shall be distributed in such a manner and measures as the Federation at an EGM so convened for the purpose, shall decide.


(after Jiangmen 2003)



(These By-laws are enacted pursuant to Article 16 of the Constitution)


1.1 An accredited NSA for "billiards and snooker" is eligible to apply for IBSF Membership as a

"Member Country" on such prescribed form obtainable from the Secretary. Such an applicant or "NSA" shall be an existing or approved subscribing member of a Regional Federation of the IBSF so provided for under Article 3.10 of the Constitution.

1.2 Other Associations of "billiards and snooker" are eligible to apply for IBSF membership as an "Affiliated Member" on such prescribed forms obtainable from the Secretary, provided that they are not already a Member Country of the IBSF.

1.3 "Honorary Members" are trade organizations of the Games, with no voting rights but are subject to an annual membership fee payment of L50. "Honorary Members" are permitted to use the "IBSF" logo in their trade promotions with the prior written approval of the IBSF.

1.4 There shall be no application or entry fees; however, annual membership fees by a "Member Country" or "Affiliated Member" shall be L100stg, payable either at the time of application or immediately payable upon approval. Annual renewal fees shall be due on written demand of the Secretary/Treasurer, on 1st day of January till June 30 of each year.

1.5 Member Countries, whose annual subscriptions are in arrears and exceeding two (2) years in succession, shall cease to be a member thereof, after due notification by certified mail or recorded delivery issued thereof by the Secretary. Terminated members, however, may apply for membership reinstatement, provided that their outstanding debts have been duly settled in full and in advance, including any levy on administrative charges so incurred therefrom by the Federation.

1.6 A NSA applying for IBSF membership shall submit to the Secretary on completed application form, as prescribed, with the accompanying fee, a copy of its Constitution, registration certificate, letter of affiliation with its NOCs or NSC, or other equivalent, and a written recommendation by the Regional Federation to which it belongs.

1.7 If a Member Country, by a two-thirds majority vote of Members Country present and voting at an AGM, is found not to be in due compliance with Article 4.1 of the Constitution, the said Member Country shall be granted a nine (9) month grace period from the date thereof, to amend its Constitution and/or its rules and regulations for due compliance. Failing which, it shall result in its automatic suspension of membership until final compliance therewith. Such a suspended Member Country shall not be entitled to enter further any IBSF and/or its sanctioned championship, or shall be allowed to attend any meeting thereof. A suspended Member Country may subsequently apply for its reinstatement, if it lodges its application for same with the IBSF, which final approval, however, is at the pleasure of the latter.

1.8 A Member Country found to have committed an act or offence which is inconsistent with and/or is contrary to the aims and objects of the Federation, thereby bringing disrepute to the Game and the IBSF, may be suspended or expelled at an AGM/EGM, after the outcome of an inquiry and recommendations so ratified by the Board. Such a suspension/expulsion shall take effect after obtaining two-third majority of votes present and voting thereat. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, a written notice ordering for such a voting shall have been specifically included in the agenda and duly circulated in advance for the AGM concerned by the Secretary, pursuant to the Constitution. In case of emergency, Article 5.4 may be invoked for application.

1.9 A Member Country involving in internal disputes for national representation with the IBSF shall be given 3 (three) months in writing by the IBSF to settle the said dispute, failing which, the IBSF shall either suspend both NSAs concerned, or accept only the NSA as Member Country, that is duly recognised or accredited by its NOC and/or NSC or any of its relevant sports authority at the material time.

1.10 All other disputes shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for resolution, pursuant to Bylaws 3.0 herein.


2.1 Subject to prior notice/approval, the Federation shall reimburse all justifiable expenses so

incurred by the President, Secretary and other authorised Board Members, in the proper carrying out of their respective duties for and on behalf of the IBSF.

2.2 The Federation shall bear the costs of air-travel, by return economy class, so incurred by its office-bearers attending the annual IBSF World Championships and or Board meetings. The IBSF World U21 Championships and others, however, are not included herein to be considered for due disbursement, save that they are expressly decided upon with the prior approval of the Board and with the subsequent ratification of the next AGM.

2.3 For authorised Board Meetings, the IBSF shall bear the cost of air-travel by return economy class and applicable domestic travels, including hotel accommodation and food (room tariffs only) incurred thereof, for the elected Executive Officers and one accredited Regional Representative on the Board attending the said Meetings. In the alternative, the IBSF may pay a grant to the Regional Federations who shall assume such financial responsibilities for the said attendance.

2.4 The President and the Secretary of the Federation shall each be paid an annual honorarium of L500stg. Each Regional Federation on the Board shall be granted a financial subsidy hereinbefore referred to in Item 2.3.

2.5 Save as hereinbefore provided for under Items 2.2 and 2.4, all other travels and administrative expenses so incurred by Board members shall be borne on their own and/or by their respective Regional Federations, save that specifically provided for and contained in the guidelines of the Finance Committee.

2.6 Immediately after the AGM, each Regional Federation, upon due notification, shall notify in writing to the Secretary the names of their two (2) accredited Representatives on the Board. The said Regional Federation shall have the rights to change the said representation by due notice given in writing to the IBSF Secretary.

2.7 Any matters requiring decision of the Board at a designated Board meeting shall be circulated in advance by the Secretary, setting out the synopsis of the matters in reference to be discussed and, where applicable, to be voted thereupon. Absentee members’ votes, if any, shall be taken into due consideration, provided that their views and votes shall have been conveyed to the Secretary in writing before the said meeting in the manner and procedures as hereinbefore provided.

2.8 Any postal decision necessitating the Board’s decision under the Constitution shall likewise be circulated in advance by the Secretary, giving full particulars and time-frame so required thereof for such a postal decision.

2.9 Pursuant hereto, a time-frame of eight (8) weeks under Article 5.4 is required for the Secretary’s written notice and a minimum of four (4) weeks is required for the Board member’s reply thereto.

2.10 All delegates attending an AGM/EGM will have to be accredited in writing and in advance by their NSAs concerned.


3.1 Any complaint lodged against a Member Country and/or an elected official of the IBSF shall be

made in writing and be forwarded to the Secretary with documentary evidence accompanied in support. Hearsay evidence and/or any anonymous complaint, however, shall not be entertained by the IBSF under whatever circumstances.

3.2 The Secretary upon due receipt of the aforesaid complaint shall accord the accused Member Country or official an opportunity to defence within a prescribed time-frame. If the Secretary, after close consultation with the chairman of the Disciplinary Board, is of the considered opinion that the said complaint is not prima facie, the matter shall be dismissed thereof and the said parties shall be duly notified of same.

3.3 If, after receiving the relevant evidence aforesaid, the Disciplinary Board deems the said complaint is prima facie, the said Board, pursuant to Article 5.4 of the Constitution, shall appoint an independent committee, to be chaired by its chairman or a designated Board member thereof, to investigate into the said complaint.

3.4 The said independent committee may co-opt other suitable members for deliberations. The said committee shall set out its own investigating procedures based on which findings and recommendations shall be submitted to the IBSF Board for decision/adoption, which decision shall thereafter be reported to the next AGM for ratification.

3.5 Any member/official found guilty of an offence shall be duly reprimanded, suspended or expelled from the IBSF, as the case may be. Such a member(s) having served the said penalty, shall be allowed to re-apply for reinstatement, the approval thereof shall be at the express prerogative of the AGM on the recommendation of the Board and not as of rights of the applicant concerned.

3.6 If disciplinary measures involving a player(s) of a championship or other circumstances, these shall be dealt with pursuant to the Championship Conditions under separate cover but come under the purview of these By-laws.

3.7 A copy of the Disciplinary Rules is incorporated in the Championship Conditions referred to at By-law 6.0 herein.


4.1 Twelve(12) weeks before a scheduled AGM in which an election is to be held or where voting is

required thereat, the Secretary shall prior to the commencement of the said AGM/EGM, check the financial benefits and validity of all voting Member Countries, either present thereat and voting or by proxy votes thus received.

4.2 The Secretary shall declare in advance at the said AGM/EGM the validity, or otherwise, of Member Country who is qualified to vote. Reasons shall be advanced for those Members Country who are disqualified to vote. All accredited delegates at an AGM/EGM are to be notified in writing to the Secretary as prescribed in advance by the NSAs concerned.

4.3 The AGM shall appoint four (4) scrutiners from the floor and preferably representing the four (4) Regional Federations, who shall declare the eligible list of candidatures and voting members, and who will supervise, record the counting and announce the voting results connected therewith.

4.4 Proxy Votes

4.4.1 All proxy votes shall be submitted, either by post, fax or recorded delivery, to the Secretary at least two(2) weeks before the AGM in a sealed envelope marked "Proxy" on the top left-hand corner thereof. Proxy votes so received by the Secretary shall be handed over to the scrutiners who shall open and record at the AGM and shall declare its validity; if invalid, they shall assign reasons thereto.

4.4.2 Proxy votes by absentee Member Countries shall be submitted in their respective NSA letterheads, chopped and signed by its authorised representatives and stating therein the candidates or matters they wish to specifically vote thereon. No proxy candidate is allowed; in the event if there be an accredited Member Country attending an AGM/EGM after submitting a proxy vote, the said proxy vote shall be declared null and void and the said representative physically present thereat shall take precedence and preference in the voting.

4.4.3 After announcing the results, the ballot papers shall be kept in custody of the Secretary for twenty-four (24) hours thereof, thereafter, they shall be destroyed.

4.5 Any candidate standing for election as an office-bearer shall be in benefit by his Member Country and shall be properly proposed and seconded by a valid Member Country who is equally in benefit. His/her written nomination shall be sent to the Secretary by post, fax or recorded delivery at least ten (10) weeks, prior to the date of the said AGM in which an election is to be held.

4.6 Candidates so nominated for their respective offices shall give written consent thereto for acceptance. In addition, written consent from the "NSA" to which each belongs is mandatory and is to accompany the said nominations.

4.7 Nominations by facsimile transmissions are accepted, provided always that the originals thereof are duly received by the Secretary before or at the said AGM.

4.8 Notwithstanding the procedures contained herein, Article 11.6 of the Constitution shall equally apply.

4.9 Accreditation

4.9.1 All delegates/players attending the AGM/EGM and or the IBSF championships shall have to be accredited by the NSAs to which they respectively belong.

4.9.2 Such accreditations shall be supported in writing on relevant letterheads by the President and/or the Secretary of the NSA concerned, which copy thereof shall reach the IBSF Secretary by fax or hand delivered on or before the day designated for the commencement of the AGM/EGM and/or the championship in reference.

4.9.3 Failing compliance therewith as aforesaid, the delegate/player concerned shall be declared null and void for his representation status; in consequence thereof, he shall be debarred from attending or participating in the said event, whichever is applicable.

4.9.4 In the above eventuality, the defaulting delegate/player shall be solely held responsible for any cost and expenses arisen therefrom, including expenses so incurred by him in respect of air-travel, hotel tariffs and entry fees paid.


5.1 To enable the Finance Committee to function with accountability on all IBSF expenditure, the following guidelines/procedures as approved by the AGM shall form part thereof these By-laws:

5.2 Principles of Application

The principles of application herewith necessitated IBSF’s compliance are guided expressly based on the provisions of the IBSF registration under its "Memorandum of Articles" and the "IOC Conflict of Interest Rules" , which main extracts are reproduced hereunder:

5.2.1 No honorary member so elected to serve the IBSF on a voluntarily basis shall be allowed to claim payments for commission, bonus, remuneration, or any such like benefits; and

5.2.2 Any claim for entitled payments shall be made, based expressly on the stipulated guidelines and procedures as prescribed below.

5.3 Procedures for Disbursements/Payments

5.3.1 Pursuant to the aforesaid principles, the following payment procedures are to be adopted for any entitled recipient(s):

a) All sub-committees can proceed dealing on any matter by each’s autonomy without having to referred the same to the Finance Committee for approval, if such dealings do not involve any payment out of IBSF bank accounts.

b) If, however, such dealings as aforesaid eventually involve any payment out of IBSF bank accounts, such dealings with proper documentations in support shall be submitted to the Finance Committee who shall appraise the same with its report submitted to the Board for decision. Once the Board approves the same, the matter shall be taken with prior approval of the Board and the Chairman of the Finance Committee shall subsequently issue payment(s) thereof based on Board’s approval.

c) All claims for payment out of the IBSF accounts shall be supported at all times by documentary evidence. Under no circumstance any oral commitment shall be sustainable and acceptable.

d) Such claims as aforesaid shall be accompanied by a written agreement between the contracting parties of which the IBSF forms an integral party whose representative thereof ought to be with the prior approval of the Board. If there be any further variations thereto the aforesaid agreement, such varied terms and conditions as agreed and concurred thereupon ought to be reported to the Board vide the Finance Committee.

e) All offers procured by any Board member shall have the prior approval of the Board, which approval in writing can be obtained thereof by e-mail circulation to the Board as per provisions of the Constitution.

f) Commission or any other forms of incentive payment made out of any transaction involving the IBSF shall be accorded thereto any personnel outside the IBSF Board. If such an offer be accepted by the Board, the terms and conditions connected therewith shall be with prior the mutual consent of the parties concerned to be supported by documentary evidence. Under no circumstance, hearsay evidence thereof shall be taken as bona fide.

g) The aforesaid written terms and conditions of offer/acceptance shall cover all authorized assignments in which the IBSF has delegated in writing to its tournament directors, technicians, referees; sponsors; donors, etc.

h) All claims shall be made in writing to the Finance Chairman with supporting document(s). The said Chairman shall then proceed processing the said claim(s) and, if so approved, he shall further prepare the necessary vouchers for the said payment to be approved by the Board and thereafter duly signed by the President and the Finance Chairman, the latter being the IBSF Treasurer.

i) If any payment is made as aforesaid, an acknowledgement receipt thereof or a countersign on the said voucher(s) by the recipient concerned is necessary.

j) The President shall have the power to authorize any payment on behalf of the IBSF up to a maximum of L100 in any one instance, subject to procedural compliance therewith as elaborated.

k) If any payment by the IBSF exceeds L500 in any one instance, prior approval from the Board by way of constitution provisions via e-mails within a prescribed time-frame of one(1) week is necessary. In case of emergency, such payments can be effected beforehand but which payment shall be reported back to the Board within one (1) week thereafter.

l) Any personnel authorized by the Board to perform such duties expressly for and on behalf of the IBSF, shall be entitled to the following disbursements/payments:

i) air-fares by return economy-class based on actual invoicing and/or receipts;

II) hotel accommodation based on actual daily tariff or up to a maximum of L60 per night, whichever is applicable;

iii) a daily allowance for meals and other incidentals up to a maximum of L15; and

iv) local transportation, airport tax and any other incidentals, based on actual receipts produced, or in its equivalent.

m) Only Board members are entitled to single-room hotel accommodation; all others are to be in a twin-sharing basis.

n) All Board members are to contribute their services ex-gratis to the IBSF and on an honorary basis; only administrative disbursements expressly incurred for and on behalf of the IBSF as aforesaid shall be entitled for such disbursements. The IBSF shall not pay for internet services so incurred individually thereof as well as other incurred expenses in connection with the designated task.

o) In the case of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, an one-off payment of L25 per month is payable each for administrative disbursements on account of faxes, e-mails, postages, telephones and stationeries.

p) No hiring of cars or any other motor vehicles by Board members on assigned outstation missions is permissible, save that the member concerned shall have to bear his/her own cost on same.

q) All Board Members traveling on official duties are entitled to be covered by insurance, which premium payment shall either be taken out by the IBSF or by the member(s) concerned.

r) The IBSF’s annual accounts need to be prepared and be audited externally 3 months prior to the date of the AGM. All claims by interested parties ought to be submitted to the Finance Chairman earliest possible but not later than four (4) months before the said AGM.

s) The Treasurer or the Finance Chairman ought to submit his Statement of Accounts to coincide with each Board Meeting for the purpose of financial reporting.


6.1 The Championship Rules and Conditions forming part thereof these By-laws shall be separately

issued by the IBSF.

W Y Chin

Chairman, Constitutions & International Affairs Committee

(after Jiangmen 2003)

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